Here's a brand new video we shot recently for the new 'Only Human' show... just a taster of some of the new songs on the new album "Only Human'....

Here's a short live video we shot recently... there's a few snippets of some of the new songs we're doing live and which are also on the new album (you have got one already, right..?!)

Here's a fun lyric video for one of our favourite original songs, 'Christmas Present', which is on the album 'Only Yule'. Download the track on iTunes here, or go crazy and get the whole album on iTunes or on CD on Amazon... Happy Christmas..!!

A couple of years ago the Pickets were invited to the Rewind Festival, an 80's festival which happens at Perth in Scotland and Henley in England. Here's a version of 'Only You' from Henley. Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Here's the Pickets at the Avo Sessions in Basel, Switzerlanda few years ago, doing Working in a Coalmine.

Thanks to SFR TV for the footage.

This is the first ever Flying Pickets video... from 1983, which helped push 'Only You' to the Christmas No 1 position (the first acappella track to ever do that in the UK). It ended up spending 5 weeks in that position.

Drinkers and trivia completists will be interested to hear that it was shot in The Red Lion and Pineapple on Acton High Street in London. (It's a bit different now, but at least it's still a pub though!).

Back in 2010, the Flying Pickets were asked to appear on this popular German TV show... So here they are doing a slightly different version of 'Only You'.

Thanks to RTL for the footage.

Here's a version of 'Frosty The Snowman' from the 'Only Yule' album....  In between shows whilst on tour in Switzerland at Christmas 2009, the Pickets took part in SFR's annual charity marathon, 'Jeder Rappen Zählt'; Standing in a big glass box radio studio, they sang a 'headphone concert' (like a silent disco) for a freezing audience outside in the square...

Thanks to SFR1 & DSR3 for the footage.

Here's the Pickets live on stage in Germany a few years ago, during the Big Mouth Tour, doing 'The Only Way Is Up'.

Go ahead and join in..!

You can find a studio recording of it here.

Looks like someone was having fun here, doesn't it.?! The first Pickets studio album was called 'Lost Boys', so taking it's cue from that, here's a Peter Pan inspired take on a Motown classic.

Hey.... It was the 80's, ok... ;-)

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